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London Urology Associates - Expert Urologoical Care

London Urology Associates was formed as a result of the shared belief that the highest quality of urological care can only be achieved when the best practitioners in their field collaborate to offer an integrated, ‘joined up’ service. In bringing together leading specialists, patients can be assured that the treatment and advice they receive is appropriate, reliable, and at the cutting edge of modern medicine.

We are committed to :

  • working in line with protocols based on proven best practice
  • inter-referring to other appropriate specialists
  • offering one-stop diagnostic clinics for common urological disorders
  • our consultant cover 365 days of the year
  • supporting patients who wish to receive experimental treatments where
    these form part of approved clinical trials
  • publishing results for public scrutiny
  • providing patient information materials of the highest quality

These principles ensure that LUA delivers the excellent standard of care patients expect.


Our Harley Street premises provide modern consulting rooms ideally situated near The Princess Grace Hospital where our operative facilities are located.

Working closely with the Princess Grace Hospital gives our consultants access to an established medical infrastructure, including first class diagnostic facilities and well-equipped operating theatres, as well as specialist nursing staff and intensive care and high dependency units. Together, the LUA members and the staff of the Princess Grace Hospital (both executive and nursing) are fully dedicated to delivering a preeminent service.

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