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Testis Cancer

Cancer of the testes is a devastating condition.  Men should be encouraged to regularly self examine themselves and if they feel any abnormal lumps within the testes they should see their GP or Specialist urgently.  The diagnosis of testicular cancer is performed by an ultrasound scan and performing blood tests, called tumour markers. Treatment involves removal of the testis through an inguinal or groin incision.  At the time the testicle is removed, an artificial testicular prosthesis can be placed within the scrotum.  It is often better to do this at the time of initial surgery.  Depending upon the type of tumour, further treatment may or may not be necessary, and this will depend upon a CT scan that has been performed, which may detect lymph nodes.

There are of course rarer types of testicular tumour which may have a more benign course.  However, these also need to be assessed very carefully and include Leydig cell tumours.  Mr Minhas specialises in local excision or testes sparing surgery. This is a specialised technique where ultrasound guidance is used to detect the tumour, so that the whole testis does not necessarily need to be removed.

In some of the cases the testis may be solitary or the testicle may be damaged on the other side and therefore in these instances we are able to freeze sperm prior to any surgery, and also directly remove sperm from the testis at the same time (TESE procedure).  We have been successful in performing this in men with solitary testis.

If you're experiencing symptoms of testis cancer or have been recently diagnosed, please call 020 7224 5089 or use the appointment form to book a consultation.

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