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Mr Christopher Ogden
NHS post: The Royal Marsden Hospital, London

Chris Ogden is a pioneer of robotic surgery in the UK. With around 1000 robotic procedures performed under his care, he is the leading UK robotic surgeon. He has the longest and largest series of radical robotic prostatectomy operations performed by any surgeon in the UK performing up to nine robotic prostate removals a week and around two hundred a year.

The pioneering work began in 2004 when he put together the first team in the UK to be recognised by Da Vinci robotic surgery as trained to perform robotic prostatectomy. Since then his team were the first to perform the robotic prostatectomy in the UK independent health sector on one of his patients.

He became the first UK surgeon to be invited on to the faculty of ERUS (the European Robotic Urology Symposium). He became the first UK urological surgeon to be invited on to the faculty of international experts at the World Robotic Symposium. He was the first UK urologist to present a peer reviewed paper at the national congress on one hundred consecutive robotic prostate operations with full oncological and functional outcomes. He is the first surgeon in the world to present a peer reviewed paper on a comparison of Robotic prostatectomy and HIFU (High intensity focused Ultrasound) for prostate cancer.

GMC No.2957661

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