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Christopher Ogden - Curriculum Vitae


  • 1984 MB BS University of London
  • 1989 FRCS Edinburgh
  • 1990 FRCS England
  • 1993 MS University of London
  • 1995 FRCS Urology
  • 1996 FEBU

Medical School: Charing Cross and Westminster 1979-1984

School: Haileybury and Imperial Services College 1972-1978

Current Appointment

Consultant Uro-Oncologist at the Royal Marsden Hospital, London

Mr Ogden was recruited by the Royal Marsden Hospital to set up a new robotic urological service using the latest Da Vinci S laparoscopic robotic device, as well as having the opportunity to offer all treatment options for prostate cancer including HIFU.

Consultant Urologist Chelsea and Westminster and St Mary’s Hospitals

Jan 2002 – Dec 2006
Mr Ogden was appointed clinical lead in General Surgery and Urology. He developed his skills in Laparoscopic surgery including nephrectomy. In November 2004 he put together the first team in the UK to be certified in Radical Robotic Prostatectomy using the Da Vinci System. Since then he has performed around 900 radical robotic prostatectomies and has a number of robotic pyeloplasties.

He has been involved in the first treatments in the UK using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound to treat prostate cancer. This is a day case treatment. He has also been using the day case green light laser treatment for benign prostatic hypertrophy.

Grants obtained since Mr Ogden’s appointment as consultant:

  • Royal College of Surgeons of England research fellowship full September 1997
  • Royal College of Surgeons of England research fellowship full September 1998
  • Prostate research campaign full grant June 1999
  • BMA research grant June 1999
  • The Prostate Research Campaign UK September 1991
  • The Peel Medical Research Trust January 2000
  • The Berkeley Fellowship June 2000
  • The Mason Medical Research Foundation December 2000
  • The British Urological Foundation Research Scholarship March 2001
  • The Ralph Shackman Trust September 2001
  • The Ralph Shackman Trust October 2001

Research Interests

Mr Ogden successfully funded and supervised four research fellows leading to the award of the MD thesis. His research was identifying the re-expression of highly specific developmental genes involved in the early development of the embryo and the urogenital tract. His team found expression of PAX2 in prostate cancer and PAX5 in bladder cancer. Mr Ogden explored the possible link between Human endogenous retrovirus encoded in the human genome and prostate cancer and role of Dentritic cells in bladder cancer, in particular in their role in BCG therapy with the aim of understanding the immunological response with the hope of developing more specific treatments. Clinical trials and evaluation included the monoclonal targeting of prostate cancer a phase II open-label trial to evaluate intravenous 3622W94 monoclonal antibody for the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer. The evaluation of primary and metastatic cancer of the prostate using radioimmunoscintigraphy with Indium-111 labeled CYT-356. Mr Ogden was one of the first urologists in the UK to assess and introduce robotic surgery and High Intensity Focused ultrasound treatments for prostate cancer.

Consultant Urologist Northwick park and St Mark’s Hospitals. Jan 1996-Dec 2001

Mr Ogden was appointed to his first Consultant Urologist post in 1995 at a busy district general Hospital and postgraduate teaching centre at Northwick Park and St Mark’s. He became clinical lead in Urology. He performed common urological procedures such as TURP with up to ten a week and complex endourologial procedures such as ureteroscopy for stone extraction as many as five times a week.

Mr Ogden developed the use of the perineal approach for radical prostatectomy and the Studer orthotopic bladder replacement following radical cystectomy, including females.

He developed a combined perineal and abdomino-perineal approach for the treatment of locally advanced rectal cancer involving the prostate, a pioneering operation.

Urology Visiting Fellow sponsored by The Royal College of Surgeons 1995

  • Professor De Kernion, University of California Los Angeles
  • Dr Donald Skinner,University of Southern California Los Angeles
  • Dr Patrick Walsh John Hopkins Hospital Baltimore
  • Dr J Paulson Duke University North Carolina

Senior Registrar Urology West London training scheme between Charing Cross, St Mary’s, St Helier and the Royal Marsden Hospitals Aug 1993- July1995.

Visiting Lecturer to Japan, Professor Yoshoio, Chairman of the Japanese Urological Association and Dept of Urology at the University of Tokyo and Professor Osamu Yoshida Kyoto University School of Medicine Nov-Dec 1992.

Research Registrar Urology Charing Cross Hospital Jan 1992 – Dec1992.

Registrar Urology Charing Cross and Hammersmith Jan 1991 – July 1993.

Registrar general and vascular training rotation between the Hammersmith and the West Middlesex University Hospital from Jan 1989 – Dec 1990.

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